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Name Spejcher, Bryn P Case Number 2018018798
Citation Number Violation Date 05/28/2018 Case Status  Appeal
Court Location Ventura Appearance/Due Date Offense Level  Felony
Disposition Date 01/23/2024 Mandatory Appearance Yes
Case Balance $49,687.50
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03/15/2024District Court of Appeal case number B335839
03/13/2024 Probation Modification Of Probation Heard in Courtroom 47 on Mar 13, 2024 at 09:00 AM .
03/13/2024 Judge - Worley, David R .
03/13/2024Judicial Assistant - Clement, M .
03/13/2024Court Reporter - Lawson, Renee C is present.
03/13/2024Deputy District Attorney Nafziger, Audry present.
03/13/2024 District S. Attorney Investigator Sanchez is present in court.
03/13/2024The defendant is present with Attorney Schwartz and Goldstein .
03/13/2024 Defendants' opposition to modification of terms and conditions of Probation filed on 03/13/23 .
03/13/2024At 09:09 AM :
03/13/2024Court is in session. All parties are present.
03/13/2024 Hearing commences on Probation of Modification Terms.
03/13/2024The Probation Memorandum is ordered filed in court.
03/13/2024 The court states for the record his tentative as to modification of probation terms.
03/13/2024Argument by the People .
03/13/2024Argument by the Defense .
03/13/2024 People's exhibit # 1 is marked for identification.
03/13/2024 People's exhibit # 1 is received into evidence.
03/13/2024The court orders probation modified as follows:
03/13/2024 The Court order probation extended to 01/23/2027.
03/13/2024The court orders probation extended to 01/23/27 .
03/13/2024Court orders probation term PAPO1 ; Obey All Laws deleted.
03/13/2024You must report to the Probation Agency, 800 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, California, Criminal Justice Center (Sheriff's Building) Room A, Second Floor. Report immediately after leaving court or upon release from custody. Bring this form with you. You must comply with the following terms and conditions: 1. Be under the supervision of a probation officer and report as directed. 2. Maintain regular employment as approved by the probation officer. 3. Not leave your county of residence for more than 72 hours or change your residence without prior approval by your probation officer. You shall not leave the State of California without prior permission of your probation officer. If you are on Felony Formal Probation, then the following applies: "You waive extradition to the State of California from any jurisdiction in or outside the United States where you may be found. You further agree that you will not contest any effort by any jurisdiction to return yourself to the State of California". 4. You shall participate in any treatment program as designated by your probation officer including no treatment . You shall authorize release of information between your probation officer and any treatment program designated above. 5. You shall maintain a residence/location with a street address or other dwelling as approved by your probation officer. 6. You shall not use any fictitious names or attempt to change your name unless by legal means and you shall notify your probation officer immediately upon initiating a name change. 7. Upon the request of any peace officer, you shall show identification with your true name, true date of birth, and current address.
03/13/2024 The court does not impose item no. 4 of probation term PAPO1TR.
03/13/2024You shall pay a fine of $300.00 to the State Restitution Fund.
03/13/2024The defendant hereby consents to a search of person, vehicle, residence, business, or any other personal or real property under the defendant's control at any time by any law enforcement officer or probation officer, with or without a search warrant, warrant of arrest, or reasonable cause, to determine the presence of any of the items prohibited under these terms, or evidence of any of the behaviors prohibited under these terms.
03/13/2024You shall not own, possess, have under your custody or control, or have immediate access to, any weapon, including but not limited to firearms, pellet or BB guns, chemical weapons, a replica of any weapon, a conductive electrical device, or ammunition.
03/13/2024You shall not use or possess any alcoholic beverage or be where alcohol is the chief item of sale.
03/13/2024Court orders probation term PAA4 ; not use or possess alcoholic beverages deleted.
03/13/2024You shall submit to and complete tests of your breath, blood, or urine when requested by a peace officer or probation officer for alcohol.
03/13/2024While participating in evidenced based treatment, substance abuse counseling, sober living, or residential substance abuse treatment, the defendant shall not use or possess any controlled substances, including marijuana.
03/13/2024Court orders probation term PATRT ; evidence based treatment progarm deleted.
03/13/2024You shall immediately seek out and obtain Obtain individual psychotherapy counseling / therapy approved by your probation officer and shall participate until allowed to terminate by your probation officer or the court. You shall authorize the submission of progress reports to the probation officer or the court upon request.
03/13/2024Court orders probation term PAP1 ; Obtain individual psychotherapy deleted.
03/13/2024You shall take prescribed medications as ordered by treating physician.
03/13/2024You shall participate for 40 hours in the Direct Work Program and pay the program fees as directed. Report to the Direct Work Coordinator, 345 Skyway Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010 Phone: (805) 388-4478, within five (5) days of today and follow their directions for screening and processing.
03/13/2024Court orders probation term PADW ; 40 hours direct work deleted.
03/13/2024You must attend weekly sessions of domestic violence counseling with an approved provider for a period of no less than one year, keep all appointments and pay program fees. You must complete 52 sessions within 55 weeks. A list of approved program providers is available through the probation department.
03/13/2024Comply with the provisions of any valid restraining or injunctive order.
03/13/2024You shall provide buccal swab samples, right thumb print, and palm prints pursuant to Section 296(a)(1) of the Penal Code.
03/13/2024You shall have no contact with Sean O'Melia or his family .
03/13/2024You shall not own, possess, or have immediate access to any dangerous weapons, firearms, ammunition or oleocapsicum pepper spray.
03/13/2024You shall authorize submission of progress reports to the Probation Officer upon request. You shall pay a fee to the program for the costs of the counseling according to your ability to pay. You shall cooperate with the program in their financial assessment of your ability to pay. In the event that you are unable to make financial arrangements with an approved Domestic Violence Program you are ordered to immediately report to the Superior Court Collection Division (Collections), Room 205, for an assessment of your financial status. If Collections determines that you are able to pay for the counseling program, you must comply with the program's payment plan. If you disagree with Collections' determination that you are able to pay for the counseling, you must immediately request a hearing in court, at which time the court will consider Collections' written report and recommendation along with any evidence you present.
03/13/2024The Court finds you have the ability to pay a total amount of $300.00 to the Ventura County Women's Shelters. This amount is payable at the rate of : a) $200.00 to: Interface Children and Family Services Battered Women's Shelter- 4001 Mission Oaks Blvd., Suite I, Camarillo, CA 93012-5156. b) $100.00 to: The Coalition to End Family Violence Battered Women's Shelter, 1030 N. Ventura Rd. Oxnard, California 93030. Each of these payments must be made by 03/14/25 . You are to provide proof of all payments to your probation officer.
03/13/2024You shall pay a fee of $500.00 to the State Domestic Violence Fund.
03/13/2024 The court notes that restitution interest is at the rate of 10% per annum and not monthly.
03/13/2024All terms and conditions previously imposed remain in full force and effect.
03/13/2024The defendant accepts probation as modified.
03/13/2024Signature Required
03/13/2024 Off the record the court orders calendar line set for 3/14/2024 at 9:00 a.m. in courtroom 37 for Domestic Violence 30-day review vacated.
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