Case Information


Details including the Violation(s) and Case Status are listed below. 

Name Nester, Jason Fredrick Case Number 2013531373
Citation Number A130533 Violation Date 03/26/2013 Case Status  Bail Forfeiture
Arresting / Issuing Agency Ventura County Sheriff Department Offense Level Infraction Mandatory Appearance No
Disposition Date 04/16/2013 Appearance / Due Date 05/06/2013
Warrant Amount Warrant Date
Case Balance $0.00
Scheduled Hearings
No Results.
Violation Offense Correctable Plea Disposition
21461(a) VC  Infraction    Bail Forfeited 
Driver Failure to Obey Signs/Signals 
4000(a)(1) VC Infraction N Bail Forfeited 
Registration Required or Weight Fees Due.