Case Information


Details including the Violation(s) and Case Status are listed below. 

Name Spejcher, Bryn P Case Number 2018018798
Citation Number Violation Date 05/28/2018 Case Status  Appeal
Arresting / Issuing Agency Ventura County Sheriff Department Offense Level Felony Mandatory Appearance Yes
Disposition Date 01/23/2024 Appearance / Due Date
Warrant Amount Warrant Date
Case Balance $50,086.83
Scheduled Hearings
No Results.
Violation Offense Correctable Plea Disposition
192(b) PC  Felony  Not Guilty  Found guilty by Jury 
Involuntary Manslaughter by An Unlawaful Act 
12022(b)(1) PC Felony N Denied Stricken 
S/A-Enh - Use Of Deadly Weapon 
1192.7(c)(8) PC  Felony  Denied  Stricken 
S/A Serious Felony 
4.421(a)(1) CRC Felony N Denied Stricken 
S/A - Enh - Crime involved Great Violence 
4.421(b)(1) CRC  Felony  Denied  Stricken 
S/A - Enh - Defendant Has Engaged in Violent Conduct 
4.421(a)(2) CRC Felony N Denied Stricken 
S/A - Enh - Armed With and Used a Weapon